How much does it cost?

Hockey is unfortunately a really expensive sport. Your average ice hockey player will spend more each year than a golfer!

Let’s run through the costs. All prices are approximate.

This is what you’ll need when you first get started:

EIHA Yearly Registration£55.00Allows you to train/play with/against EIHA teams and provides insurance for a season.
Shoulder pads/body armour£55.00
Elbow pads£30.00
Shin guards£52.00
Mouth guard£6.50
Water bottle£4.50You'll need a special hockey water bottle if you're playing with a cage.
Leg/sock tape£2.50To secure your hockey socks to your pads
Stick tape£3.50Provide protection and better friction on your stick blade and handle. This isn't as optional as it sounds!
Green biscuit£16.00Plastic training puck used for non-ice surfaces. Perfect for practicing stick-handling and essential when you're starting out.
Hockey socks£15.00These are huge socks which fit over your shin pads, not for your feet!
Training jersey£18.00A jersey for training in. Many teams won't allow you to wear your game jersey.

Total: £861

And that’s not including the costs you’ll pay reguarly…

Your team will charge you roughly £10 per training session/game to accomodate for ice hire and other running costs. You’ll need to get your skates ground every so often, which costs money. Think of the fuel costs involved with travelling to away games. And of course, you’re buying entry-level equipment. Eventually, it will either break or you’ll want to upgrade. More £££.

So yeah. Hockey is a really expensive sport. Once you get all your kit, it becomes much more affordable. Most of the kit will last you quite a long time, so your regular costs will become about £10 per week + money you spend on public skating sessions or other training.

But don’t be deceived. Don’t expect to see a team full of mega-rich people. We just love the game enough to pour all this money into it. Is it worth it? That’ll be your decision.

Many clubs will have equipment you can rent for the session. Definitely take advantage of this as it will allow you to see if ice hockey is for you before you splash the cash.