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Hockey is by far one of the most interesting sports to watch. It’s so fast. If you look away for even a second you could miss something important. That’s what makes it so intense. You’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Learn the leagues

Who plays where? Learn about the different leagues operating in the UK and abroad.

How do I watch ice hockey?

There are many ways to watch local and international ice hockey either in-person or from the comfort of your home.

History of hockey

Hockey isn’t a new sport. It has a fascinating history. Did you know its origins have been traced back to Britain?

Basic rules

It’s no use turning up to or watching a game if you have no idea what’s going on! Read up on how the game works.

Hockey is for everyone

Learn about diversity and acceptance in our game.


Don’t embarrass yourself! Learn about the do’s and don’t of ice hockey.

Start playing

Ready to take your hockey commitment to the next level? Find out how to start playing! You’re never too old.