Training at home

Most teams only manage to schedule 1 training session per week (some are 1 per fortnight!). Rink hire is extremely expensive and you’ll almost never get the whole ice to yourself. That’s why your development as a player will rely on commitment from home.

Many hockey skills actually don’t require ice to be practiced. Puck control can all be taught from home! Shooting and stick-handling can be trained in your own garden or garage.

Training aids

Pucks and balls are perfect for beginners as they’ll get you used to handling the puck. A good hockey player will be able to move the puck without having to look down.

Standard ice rubber pucks are difficult to use off-ice. So we’d highly recommend a Green Biscuit.
The original Green Biscuit

And in case you were wondering, ‘biscuit’ is a slang term for puck.

This small, light piece of plastic moves incredibly well even over rough surfaces like concrete. It’s perfect for puck-handling and passing. If you’re looking to shoot with it, you might want to consider its tougher brother the Green Biscuit Snipe. The original biscuit will shatter if you hit it hard enough.

If you’re up for a challenge, consider a Swedish stick handling ball. They move around much more quickly so can be quite a shock at first! But they will definitely help you develop proper technique.

Working on your skills indoors? Consider a plastic pad like this one:

Green Biscuits will move over these with ease. They’re best for practicing your stick-handling or for launching shots into a goal.

You can also purchase individual tiles which interlock to create a training space.

Also, consider a hockey wraparound. This is a flexible piece of plastic which will protect your stick blade from damage on rough surfaces.

Hockey Wraparound Ice