Start playing

So, you’ve decided ice hockey is right for you and now you’re ready to enter the wonderful world of ice hockey. We’re here to make it really easy for you! Click on an item to learn more.

Learn about the sport

Hockey is considered a special sport to many because we cherish its unique properties. Being a great hockey player is also about knowing and respecting everything else that comes with it.

Should you learn to skate?

Skating lessons are often seen as just for kids, but there are courses across the UK that cater to all ages and abilities.

Find a place to skate

Ice hockey is still a minor sport in the UK which means there aren’t that many rinks to skate at. Use our Rink Finder by clicking the link above and find somewhere to start skating near you!

How do I start playing?

What’s the best way to get into the world of playing ice hockey?

Find a team

Hockey is a team sport! There’s hundreds of players in the UK and lots of teams who play at different levels. Use our Team Finder to find your nearest!

Get your kit

There’s so much kit it’s easy to lose track. Don’t worry, we cover everything you’ll need to know!

How much does it cost?

It’s known as one of the most expensive sports because there’s so much kit and it’s all quite expensive. Be prepared to save up and invest in this sport, because it doesn’t come cheap!

Training at home

If you want to become a fantastic hockey player, you’ll have to put some work in at home too! Read our guide on training techniques and more.

Registration and insurance

The EIHA (English Ice Hockey Association) and SIHA (Scottish Ice Hockey Association) manage recreational hockey in the UK. Read more about how to get signed up and how you’re covered in case anything goes wrong.

Extra resources

There are thousands of fantastic resources out there designed to help players of all-ages and all-abilities. Take a look at our list of favourites.

Learn how to watch the game

You might be all set to play, but have you ever watched a full game? Learn about the sport and how to watch it.